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GBS Software (formally  GBS Information Solutions, LLC) :
We help organize, control and grow small businesses, government entities and independent accountants in Hispanic America

GBS Information Solutions LLC

Organize and Control Your Business Easily

GBS Software:  Accounting with IFRS International Standards and Electronic Invoicing, high quality, accessible to all.

What do we do?

GBS Software is the first Accounting, Management and Electronic Invoicing software for everyone: the government, private sector and accountants in Hispano America. Our numbers:

  • # 1 in Innovation
  • 19 years in Hispanic America
  • 3,500 happy customers



How do we do it?

GBS Software: is of high quality, accessible to all:

  • Microsoft global quality certifications,
  • Recommended by 3,500 happy customers,
  • Awarded # 1 in Innovation: Presidency of the Republic, COLCIENCIAS, Chamber of Commerce, IT Ministry.

Where we are?

  • GBS Software in USA: 66 West Flagler Street Suite 900 – #2060 Miami, FL 33130, USA. PBX: +1 (786) 6270200
  • GBS Software in COLOMBIA: Calle 64 # 45-16 Interior 102, Bucaramanga, Colombia
  • PBX +57 6058812 WhatsApp +57 (317) 426 9429

Discover the GBS Software that’s right for you

In 4 little steps:

  • Watch the demonstration videos,
  • Hear 3,500 testimonials from happy customers,
  • Self-assess, accessible quality
  • Contact Us.


Learn GBS Software: Download and Use, Yourself!

Learn GBS Software: the IDEAL Accounting Software for State Entities, Companies and Independent Accountants (International Version with IFRS Standards), in the comfort of your home or office, on your own schedule and at no cost

Organize, Control and Grow your Business has never been so easy.

Contact GBS Software and tell us about your needs. Receive a no-cost, no-obligation demo and let’s work together for your success. Let’s work together to help Revive your economy.

Ministry of Technologies recognizes Software GBS as a world-class innovative company

“Software GBS is part of the select group of pioneering companies that represent the Information Technology (IT) sector of Colombia that offer products and services that are aligned with the policies of the Colombian government and therefore, are ambassadors of a national industry of strong and mature software capable of competing with world-class companies with a complete and diverse portfolio. «

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